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Frigidaire Gas Dryer Round Ceramic Ignitor Igniter Glow Bar 134394900 134192000

Price: $14.95


Product Description

Frigidaire Gas Dryer Round Ceramic Ignitor Igniter Glow Bar 134394900 134192000
Frigidaire Gas Dryer Round Ceramic Ignitor Igniter Glow Bar 134394900 134192000
Round style gas dryer igniter with bracket and wire harness. Be careful not to drop your new ignitor; ignitors are fragile and will break easily.
Frigidaire Electrolux Franklin Gibson White-Westinghouse Westinghouse Tappan Kelvinator Sears Kenmore
The heat cycle starts when the ignitor prongs heat up and ignite gas passing over it. If the gas is not igniting properly, there’s a chance that the ignitor is broken. A functional igniter heats up until it glows bright red, that's when enough heat is generated to ignite the gas. If your dryer is running but not heating, the igniter is failing.
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