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Whirlpool KitchenAid Washer Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly 3949247 3949240

Price: $12.99


Product Description

Whirlpool KitchenAid Washer Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly 3949247 3949240
Whirlpool KitchenAid Washer Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly 3949247 3949240
Common lid switch for direct drive washing machines.
Whirlpool Estate KitchenAid Roper Maytag Admiral Amana Speed Queen Jenn-Air Magic Chef Crosley Caloric Glenwood Hardwick Menumaster Modern Maid Montgomery Wards Norge JC Penney Wards Sears Kenmore
The pin on the lid pushes on the lever of the lid switch to tell the machine that the lid is closed. If the washer fills and agitates, but does not drain or spin then the lid switch has likely failed.
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