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4x ClimaTek Range Stove Cooktop Burner Receptacle Kit Replaces Whirlpool Kenmore # 330031

Price: $16.99


Product Description

Includes plastic receptacle block with two pre-crimped hi-temp wire leads, two different metal brackets to match your old one, two ceramic wire nuts, and two heatshrink insulators.
Whirlpool Estate KitchenAid Roper Maytag Admiral Amana Speed Queen Jenn-Air Magic Chef Crosley Caloric Glenwood Hardwick Menumaster Modern Maid Montgomery Wards Norge JC Penney Wards Sears Kenmore
If one of your burners only work sometimes and you can sometimes see sparks where your burner is plugged in, this is more than likely not the element itself, you will need to replace the burner's receptacle, as well as the burner itself. This is a very common top burner receptacle kit that is used on most stoves.
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PD-950 QDU-838 QDU-858 RC8100XAW0 RC8110XAH0 RC8200XBH2 RC8200XBW2 RC8200XBZ2 RC8200XKW0 RC8200XKW1 RC8200XVW0 RC8200XVW1 RC8200XYW0 RC8200XYW1 RC8300XKH RC8300XLH RC8300XPH RC8400XAB0 RC8400XAH0 RC8400XAN0 RC8400XAQ0 RC8400XBB2 RC8400XBH2 RC8400XBQ2 RC8400XBZ2 RC8400XKW1 RC8400XVW0 RC8400XVW1 RC8400XYQ0 RC8400XYW0 RC8536XTB2 RC8536XTB3 RC8536XTH2 RC8536XTH3 RC8536XTH4 RC8536XTH5 RC8536XTN2 RC8536XTN3 RC8536XTW0 RC8536XTW1 RC8536XTW2 RC8536XTW3 RC8800XLH RC8800XPH RC8900XAB0 RC8900XAH0 RC8900XAQ0 RC8900XAQ1 RC8900XMH0 RC8900XXB0 RC8900XXQ0 RC8900XXW0 RC8920XAH0 RC8920XRH0 RC8920XRH1 RC8920XRH2 RC8920XRH3 RC8950XRH7 RCC-3 RCC-3 RCC-3-A RCC-3-A1 RCC-3-AG RCC-3-AG1 RCC-3-C RCC-3-C1 RCC-3-L1 RCK888 RCK889 RCK986 RCR-1010 RCR-1010 RCR-5 RCR-5 RCR-7 RCR-7 RCR-700 RCR-700 RCR-8 RCR-8 RCR1020 RCR7 RCR720 RCR8 RE953PXKT0 RE953PXKT1 RE953PXPT0 RE953PXPT1 RE953PXPT2 RE960PXKW0 RE960PXKW1 RE960PXKW2 RE960PXPW0 RE960PXPW1 RE960PXPW2 RE960PXVW0 RE960PXVW1 RE960PXVW3 RE960PXVW4 RE960PXVW5 RE960PXYW0 RE960PXYW1 RE963PXKT0 RE963PXKT1 RE963PXPT0 RE963PXPT1 RE963PXPT2 RF0100XKW0 RF0100XKW1 RF0100XRN8 RF0100XRW0 RF0100XRW1 RF0100XRW2 RF0100XRW3 RF0100XRW4 RF0100XRW5 RF0100XRW7 RF0100XRW8 RF0100XRW9 RF010ESPW0 RF010EXPW0 RF010EXRW0 RF010EXRW1 RF010EXRW2 RF014PXRW0 RF3000XPW0 RF3000XVW0 RF3010XEN0 RF3010XEN1 RF3010XEW0 RF3010XEW1 RF3010XEW2 RF3010XPW0 RF3010XVN2 RF3010XVN3 RF3010XVW0 RF3010XVW1 RF3010XVW2 RF3010XVW3 RF3010XVW4 RF3020XDN0 RF3020XDW0 RF3020XPW0 RF3020XVF0 RF3020XVG0 RF3020XVM0 RF3020XVN0 RF3020XVN1 RF3020XVN2 RF3020XVW0 RF3020XVW1 RF3020XVW2 RF3020XVW3 RF3020XXW0 RF3020XXW1 RF3020XXW2 RF3020XYN1 RF3020XYN2 RF3020XYW0 RF3020XYW1 RF3020XYW2 RF302BXDQ0 RF302BXPW0 RF302BXXG2 RF302BXXN2 RF302BXXQ2 RF302BXXW2 RF302BXYG0 RF302BXYG1 RF302BXYG2 RF302BXYN0 RF302BXYN1 RF302BXYN2 RF302BXYQ0 RF302BXYQ1 RF302BXYQ2 RF302BXYW0 RF302BXYW1 RF302BXYW2 RF302EXPW0 RF302PXXQ1 RF303BXPW0 RF305EXPW0 RF305PXDN0 RF305PXDQ0 RF305PXDW0 RF305PXDZ0 RF306BXPW0 RF3100XPW0 RF3100XVW0 RF3100XVW1 RF3100XVW2 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RS675PXYQ1 RS676PXL0 S1050EH-Z S1068H-CZW S1151L-30 S35HA-92X S35HA-92X-19 S35HK-92LX-ON S35HK-92X S35HN-92X S35HN-92X-19 S35HY-92X S5007W0 S9507*2 S9507W2 S958J-LZW SAE26TC SBC24FX0 SBC24FX0 SBC24FX5 SBC24FXOW SBE22AA SBE22AA0 SBE22AA0 SBE22AA0 SBE22AAOCP SBE22AAX SBE22AX SBE22AX SBE22AX0 SBE22AX0 SBE22GP SBE24AA SBE24AAOCP SBE24AAOPT SBE24CB SBE24CC SBE24FC SBE26AA0 SBE26AA5 SBE26CB SBE26CB5 SBE26DA SBE26DC SBE26GC SBE56FXL SBE56FXW SEC350XW0 SEP340XX0 SES370XX0 SNE26AA SNE26AA SNE26AA SNE26CB SNE26CB SNE26CB SNE26ZZ SNE26ZZ SNE26ZZ TER20W0DW0 TER20W0YW0 TER20W0YW1 TER20W0YW2 TER20W0YW3 TER46W0WW2 TER46W0YW0 TER46W0YW1 TER46W0YW2 TER50W0DW0 TER50W0DW1 TER56W2BN0 TER56W2BW0 WCU-514 WCU-516 WEU-516 XST-305 XST2052B XST2052W ZRR6400CC ZRR6400WW ZRR6400WW ZRR6400WW ZRR6400WW ZRRS6550E ZRRS6550E ZRRS6550E ZRRS6550E ZRRS6550WW ZRRS6550WW ZRRS6550WW ZRRS6550WW ZRRSC8050E ZRRSC8050E ZRRSC8050E ZRRSC8050WW ZRRSC8050WW ZRRSC8050WW

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