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ClimaTek Washer Dryer Belt Replaces Admiral Amana Magic Chef Maytag Speed Queen # 40111201

Price: $7.89


Product Description

This 93.5" belt is constructed of highly engineered, high performance and heat resistant materials. The outer fabric wrap is treated with oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber coated compound, specifically compounded for excellent wear resistance, proven through thousands of hours of testing. The components are made using the latest in belt technology available on a global basis.
Whirlpool Estate KitchenAid Roper Maytag Admiral Amana Speed Queen Jenn-Air Magic Chef Crosley Caloric Glenwood Hardwick Menumaster Modern Maid Montgomery Wards Norge JC Penney Wards Sears Kenmore
The belt on your unit is one of its simplest components but also one of the most important. Occasionally, the belt wears out or breaks from the constant movement while the unit is operating. Many applications share many of the same mechanical designs and systems, so replacing the belt on your application is a job you can accomplish in less than an hour.
40111201 40051501 40051502 R0606549
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