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Admiral Maytag Norge Washer Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve 35-2374N 35-2374

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Product Description

Admiral Maytag Norge Washer Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve 35-2374N 35-2374
Admiral Maytag Norge Washer Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve 35-2374N 35-2374
Rotating solenoid brackets allow you to position the solenoid to where you need them. Mounting screw and grooves, allows valve to easily install into newer machines. Screw on bracket with multiple mounting holes, fits most older style valves. Replaces many old and new style water valves. Instructions included.
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The water inlet valve on your washing machine allows water to flow into the washtub when the electrical current sends a signal to the solenoid and opens the mixing valves. Your water temperature selection determines whether the hot water valve or the cold water valve opens. When water fails to fill the washtub during the wash cycle or you discover standing water in the tub between washes, you need to replace the water inlet valve on the machine.All water valves are water pressure tested before they leave the factory.
35-2374N 35-2374 335-2376 35-0454 33-3407 33-3406 21001396 21001378 097665 33-0085 33-7044 33-7045 43-0219
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