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ClimaTek 6" Black Burner Drip Pan Bowl Replaces Frigidaire # 318067078 318067076 318067040 316222201

Price: $7.89


Product Description

Range/Cooktop/Stove black porcelain drip bowl. 7.625" in diameter. 1.75" height. Center hole measures 1.75" in diameter.
Frigidaire Electrolux Franklin Gibson White-Westinghouse Westinghouse Tappan Kelvinator Sears Kenmore
Drip bowls have a purpose beyond looking attractive. Drip bowls capture and reflect heat back to the coil which makes the burner work more efficiently. Drip bowls also catch spills that otherwise would drip down into the internal workings of the stove and can prevent electric shock to the user. With regular use, drip bowls do become discolored with time and may have to be replaced. Helpful Note: Aluminum foil is not a safe alternative for a drip pan. The heat beneath a range top element can reach upwards of 1000 degrees F which can ignite the aluminum foil, damage the range top and put you at risk for injury.
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