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ClimaTek 6 Heavy Duty Surface Burner Replaces GE Hotpoint Kenmore # WB30T10075 WB30T10023 WB30K10005

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Product Description

This heavy duty 6" burner element has 3 turns/rings and has a heavy duty D-Frame structure to support the element. This burner element is rated at 1250 watts. The wire looped terminals have been replaced with these solid terminals. This element also replaces some flat style terminal elements.
GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA Sears Kenmore
The surface burner elements, those metal components that get red-hot and generate heat, are the most important parts of any range. When the elements fail to heat properly, it's time to replace them. It's a simple procedure any electric stove owner can easily accomplish in a few minutes' time. You can usually identify a burnt-out element by blistering or small holes on the element's coils. A burner that plugs into a receptacle is easy to test, just unplug the non-heating burner, plug it into another working receptacle, restore the power to the range, and test it. If the burner works, you know its original receptacle is probably faulty. If it doesn??t work in the good receptacle, the burner is bad and must be replaced. Do not be alarmed if a new element smokes a little when you first use it. This is a factory-applied green coating, that prevents scratches during shipment, burning away.
WB30T10075 WB30T10023 WB30K10005
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