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ClimaTek AC Capacitor 35 5 UF 370 V Replaces Whirlpool Roper Amana Kenmore Sears # 1186513 1162595

Price: $45.99


Product Description

Round Capacitor 35 5 UF 370 VAC. The capacitor is one of the more common parts to go bad on an u, but it is relatively easy to fix.
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Capacitors give an extra boost to electrical motors when starting under a load condition. The capacitor attaches to the motor's electrical circuit through two metal terminals at the top of the cylindrical device. You can think of the capacitor as a short-term storage battery. Testing the capacitor for problems is generally done when the motor has difficulty starting. A good indication of a bad capacitor is when the motors fails to rotate and a humming noise is heard. The best method for testing a capacitor is by using an ohmmeter.
1186513 R0750074 D6879832 D6789049 D6789021 14218002 1162595 R0750074 D6879832 D6789049 D6789021
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